Associations and non-profit organizations often rely solely on their members and donors to maintain their programs and finances. This dependency requires frequent outreach to supporters, as well as to the wider community. Many organizations find that virtual meetings and event services, such as webcasting, webinars and conferencing are a cost-effective way to generate excitement about their group’s mission, increase donations and boost membership.

...You must have the right technology in place to ensure that these communications are delivered to the correct outlet

One of the biggest challenges for an association or nonprofit organization is the cost of IT infrastructure and support. When it comes to organizing virtual meetings, however, organizations can tap into Onstream’s set of affordable tools to bring people together for collaboration, fundraising and membership drives.

With Onstream, all your participants need is a browser and an Internet connection, either on a PC or on a mobile device. We provide the hosting, transmission and delivery, and we can even help with video production for the event itself. There is nothing to download and no software to manage.

Onstream webcasts, webinars and Web conferencing can help your organization with:

Outreach - Virtual events can help you reach new audiences and educate the community about your organization’s activities. Interested parties can attend live or view the event whenever it is convenient. They can also visit your branded virtual information center at their convenience to download information about your organization and its mission.

Fundraising - When you are an association or nonprofit group, fundraising is critical. We can help you set up targeted fundraising webinars and virtual conferences to help you reach out to potential supporters or sponsors.

Meetings - Regular, frequent communication with your members, board and supporters is the best way to maintain your organization’s momentum. Keep them abreast of your activities and accomplishments with our feature-rich conferencing services. Whether you need to coordinate a conference call or collaborative web-based session, Onstream’s integrated tool-set allows you to communicate anytime and from anywhere.

About Our Solutions

  • No downloads required
  • Web-based services that are easily accessible from anywhere and any device
  • Multiple security options to ensure your privacy
  • Advanced reporting available anytime and from anywhere
  • Cross-platform and device compatible
  • Integrated suite of conferencing and event technologies
  • Fully customizable interfaces to reflect your brand