Events & Webinars

Virtual events and webinars are among the most powerful and cost-effective ways to demonstrate your capabilities to potential customers and quickly drive leads into the hands of your sales force. Dollar for dollar, there’s no better alternative to fill your new-business pipeline, qualify prospects and accelerate your sales cycle.

...You must have the right technology in place to ensure that these communications are delivered to the correct outlet

Onstream’s technology offers the ability to host a webinar, multi-day event, product launch or permanent marketplace to showcase your company message, products or services – without calling on your IT department for assistance. Our events allow you to drive home your brand message through video, Q&A, polls, social-media interaction and information downloads.

Onstream’s services are flexible – our dedicated event-services team can create a customized package to meet the needs of any size virtual event. Ensure ROI with our system analytics that capture participant activity, such as page views, information downloads and streamed videos. This data, along with registration information, can provide invaluable material about attendees and deliver highly qualified leads.

Onstream allows you to:

  • Accelerate your sales cycle by driving leads to your sales team prior to your event.
  • Score leads, so your salespeople can prioritize and follow up with the best prospects first.
  • Optimize each successive event to improve results for the next event.
  • Create a focal point for product launches.
  • Reinforce your company message with executive briefings.

We specialize in:

  • Audio or video streaming, including full production for a high impact at a low cost.
  • Custom registration to discover ideal prospects.
  • Multiple email communications, providing selling opportunities prior to the event.
  • Event reminders, including a link to Outlook calendars to increase attendance.
  • Lead scoring to prioritize your best leads for immediate follow-up.
  • Speaker rehearsal and training.
  • On-demand replay and event CDs.
  • Real-time registrant data and ROI metrics.

About Our Solutions

  • No downloads required
  • Web-based services that are easily accessible from anywhere and any device
  • Multiple security options to ensure your privacy
  • Advanced reporting available anytime and from anywhere
  • Cross-platform and device compatible
  • Integrated suite of conferencing and event technologies
  • Fully customizable interfaces to reflect your brand