A webinar is a virtual event that allows you to provide thought-leadership seminars, training, product demos and other meetings that generate excitement about your products and services.

...One way to build your sales pipeline, qualify prospects and accelerate your sales cycle is with branded webinars

Webinars are accessible from any browser and can be viewed live or on-demand, on a stationary computer or on a mobile device. Webinars tend to be “one-to-many” – allowing you to deliver your speech or presentation to your audience using streaming video, audio, graphics, HTML and presentation documents. Engage your audience with a Q&A session, chats and polls, as well as end-of-session surveys.

Onstream webinars come with tools to plan, develop and manage your webinar, including custom registration and email communication prior to the event, as well as Outlook calendar integration for reminders. Onstream webinars also provide analytics to measure participant activity during the event, such as how long attendees stayed, whether they asked a question or participated in a poll.

To accelerate your sales cycle, your sales team can use registration information, analytics and lead scoring to prioritize and follow up with your best prospects first.Learn more about Onstream’s webinar offerings.

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