Colleges, universities and professional training schools are constantly being compared and ranked – by the media, the publishing industry and students. To maintain or raise your institution’s public profile, be sure you’re providing your faculty with the most cutting-edge, web-based technology for learning, collaboration and teaching.

...The technology, which acts as a “marketplace of ideas,” brings people together to share insights and advance their skills and knowledge

Virtual learning has begun to make an impact across all levels of higher education. As web-based technology proves its value in the classroom, administrators, lecturers and trainers are now also using tools such as Web conferencing, webcasts and webinars to enhance staff development, collaborate with colleagues inside and outside the institution and hold conferences that raise the profile of the school.

The Onstream platform is ideal for these activities, incorporating streaming video, audio, chat, and social media tools for participant interaction. The technology, which acts as a “marketplace of ideas,” brings people together to share insights and advance their skills and knowledge. Integrated document archives provide a central repository for supplementary materials.

Participants can attend a virtual learning event either live or on demand. They can participate from any location – with an Internet browser – on a PC, Mac or mobile device. No downloads or IT involvement is required.

Academic Conferences - With budgets tight at both public and private institutions, gathering subject-matter experts together in person for conferences may not be practical. Onstream’s virtual Auditorium, Learning Center, Lounge and Media Library offer a full-event experience, with speakers, participant interaction and downloadable information for attendees.

Teaching - Onstream media’s teaching platform includes an integrated-learning management system that streamlines instruction, interactions, collaboration, self-reflection, grading and final certifications. Students can attend classes from any location.

Staff Development - Onstream events can be used to conduct teacher-training courses and certifications, as well as to present instructional content to colleagues or new hires. Ensure that your new instructors are using the methodologies and approaches favored by your institution.

Instructor Collaboration - Facilitate collaboration and information exchange among your faculty members via interactive Web conferencing and document sharing. Instructors can also use these tools to exchange ideas and forge relationships with like-minded instructors at other institutions.

About Our Solutions

  • No downloads required
  • Web-based services that are easily accessible from anywhere and any device
  • Multiple security options to ensure your privacy
  • Advanced reporting available anytime and from anywhere
  • Cross-platform and device compatible
  • Integrated suite of conferencing and event technologies
  • Fully customizable interfaces to reflect your brand