Streaming Publisher

Streaming video online is a powerful way to increase your company’s visibility, drive home your messaging and promote your products and services.

...Online video viewership, particularly via mobile devices, has exploded in the last two years, and research shows that it’s more effective than standard display advertising in prompting your target audience to interact and engage

Onstream Media’s Streaming Publisher™ technology makes it easy for your organization to post and deliver videos online. It’s a three-step process: First, your staff members upload source video to our online system. Second, Streaming Publisher transcodes the video into different formats and bitrates to ensure smooth delivery to computers and mobile devices. Third, the system delivers a link for automatic publishing.

Streaming Publisher is part of Onstream Media’s Digital Media Services Platform™(DMSP), which ingests, manages, publishes and distributes video and other multi-media assets to any website or to several sites. For companies with high volumes of video files to share online, DMSP offers a comprehensive way to organize them for publishing, utilizing an automated folder structure that allows files to cross-reference each other. This feature ensures that each video is published at the right time and day for optimal exposure. Thus, our automated approach minimizes the need for your staff members to publish the videos manually.

Features include:

Transcoding - Users can upload a video and convert it easily to a number of other formats including Flash®, M4V-iPhone, M4V-iPod, MPEG, Real® Media, WAV, WMV and many others.

Publishing - Automatically publish your content to pre-determined web pages at different times, as necessary. Scheduled publishing enables you to monetize your media assets through pay-per-view and subscription business models for live video, on-demand video and downloading.

Archiving & Retrieving - Onstream provides database and storage management that easily manages large volumes of rich media content in real time. Onstream manages any size digital-rich media assets so that they can be retrieved, preserved, located, reused, edited, shared, leveraged and distributed.

Indexing - Onstream's indexing alleviates the traditional time-consuming, manual-logging processes. Onstream’s automatic index processing and meta-tagging allows for instant searchable content. Users can assign all identification tags and easily manage indexing, detection and recognition tools.

Encoding - Onstream streamlines the entire encoding process by monitoring, managing and scheduling multiple source feeds. We offer real-time data analysis and automatic synchronization.

Hosting - Our managed hosting application offers a range of rich media management, application management and services that ensure 24x7 reliability and secure access to your Onstream environment with exceptional performance. We provide backup and archiving, as well as a database and maintenance.

e-Commerce - Onstream's e-commerce capabilities enable content owners and content aggregators to easily create media commerce portals and storefronts using a point-and-click interface and without knowledge of Web programming.

Flexible Architecture - Built on an enterprise-class, services-oriented architecture (SOA) with a flexible-workflow engine that allows users to easily customize the solution. DMSP has been continually refined, upgraded and modified over the last 10 years, creating a stable, time-tested solution that interfaces seamlessly with the company’s client service boundary.

Mobile Delivery - As mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets become globally pervasive, Onstream provides the transcoding needed to ensure that they can view your video, regardless of bandwidth and screen size.

Smart Player - single embedded code, offers the convenient and powerful way to deliver video in both Flash and HTML5. You can change the appearance of your player to best reflect the brand, style and design for which you're looking.

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