To maintain steady revenue growth, firms need to be aggressive about acquiring new clients, growing relationships with existing clients and ensuring staff retention. The common denominator with these three challenges is strong communication. Virtual meeting and event technology – such as web conferencing, webinars and webcasting – can play a central role in helping your firm stand out.

...When pitching for new business or cross-selling an existing client, the ability to present your capabilities clearly and effectively can be a key differentiator

When pitching for new business or cross-selling an existing client, the ability to present your capabilities clearly and effectively can be a key differentiator. Onstream Media, a pioneer in webcasting technology, provides customizable virtual meeting tools that present your firm in its best light.

Onstream’s branded, virtual events incorporate streaming video, interactive chats, social media and the ability to share supporting documents for download. Events can be presented in audio- or video-streaming formats and are archived for on-demand playback or download.

Onstream technology can also be used internally to keep your attorneys up to speed on changing case law and certifications (CLE), for recording and archiving case material and to streamline your recruitment program.

With Onstream’s collaborative technology solutions, you can reduce time spent traveling and meeting in person, maximizing billable hours.

Use Onstream for:

  • Meetings – Use Onstream’s audio and Web conferencing tools to meet with potential clients or to achieve a greater share of budget with existing clients. Communicate your capabilities and operating philosophy over the phone or on the Web.
  • Continuing Education – Keeping up with changing laws and fulfilling state continuing education requirements is part of your competitive advantage. With our virtual training center, you can give your lawyers everything they need to complete these requirements online and at their convenience.
  • Litigation – Whether you want to share evidence or just record interviews, our conferencing technology can help you organize information and interact with those involved in your cases.
  • Depositions – Gathering depositions is easier when you have quality recordings and a means to organize them. Onstream’s audio conferencing allows you to record deposition sessions, so you have an accurate, archived case record. Recordings are easily shared with other lawyers and even judges.
  • Recruitment – Use Onstream webcasts to educate potential recruits on your firm’s history, partners and client base. Webcasts offer branded audio and video content, as well as a dynamic learning center to host, track and manage live and/or archived events.

About Our Solutions

  • No downloads required
  • Web-based services that are easily accessible from anywhere and any device
  • Multiple security options to ensure your privacy
  • Advanced reporting available anytime and from anywhere
  • Cross-platform and device compatible
  • Integrated suite of conferencing and event technologies
  • Fully customizable interfaces to reflect your brand