Microsoft Teams Live Events Support

Microsoft Teams live events help your organization reach a large online audience. Microsoft’s video conferencing technology is a great tool for companies seeking to sell, market, or communicate across the miles to a widespread group of attendees. Microsoft live stream events connect communities and build your brand. Today, these tools have replaced traditional conferences and meetings to create a powerful online option for organizations of all sizes and in all industries.
Microsoft Teams live events can be used for all-hands meetings or educational seminars, launching new products, or marketing existing services. Microsoft calls these tools “the next version of Skype,” and their stated goal is to replace the Skype Meeting Broadcast with Microsoft Teams Live Stream.
Tips for Your Microsoft Teams Live Stream

If your organization has decided to make use of an online community network, there is no better tool than a Microsoft live stream. But hosting and producing an online live event with these tools takes some finesse. The last thing you need is a failed event that creates a negative image for your brand. Most companies try and fail before succeeding; we want to eliminate the failures to help you create the best Microsoft live event possible, right out of the gate. Here are some tips for your Microsoft Teams live stream:
  Pick a Good Event Title
Create a concise but descriptive title for your event. This should be designed from the perspective of your target audience. Ask yourself what you’ll share that would entice your audience to sign up for the event. What will attract them? Once you have a short, punchy title, add a crisp abstract to rope them in and add value.
  Test Your Environment
A Microsoft live stream requires more than plug-and-play. Scheduling and production of your event require some technical savvy that your team may not have. Cross-platform integrations, PowerShell scripting, and API implementation are just a few of the tweaks you might need to make your event seamless.
  Consider Followup Content
It’s unlikely that your single Microsoft Teams live event will share all the content that interests your audience. Consider how you will mine that interest in ancillary content to keep your audience engaged long-term. The marketing plan for your Microsoft live event should incorporate other types of content that your audience can engage with long after the live stream is over. While everything in your video conference event should gear toward one call to action, you can add links to specialized materials that will leave your audience with plenty of ways to keep the conversation going.
  Reuse Your Event
Your Microsoft Teams live stream event can provide your organization with material that you could parse and leverage to build your brand. Recording the event and making it available as an on-demand video later on is just the beginning. You could also use the recorded Microsoft live stream event as part of tutorials or other educational or brand-building materials.
The sophistication and effectiveness of your Microsoft Teams live event will give you the ROI you’re seeking—but only if you have the right tools and partnerships in place to make every event your best event. How can you guarantee the success of your online event?
How Can Onstream Media Support Microsoft Teams Live Stream?
There are five key components to any Microsoft Teams live stream event. Onstream Media can help at every stage in the process:
  Scheduling creates the event with the appropriate end-user or attendee permissions.
  Production of the event requires extensive knowledge of video technology in a variety of scenarios.
  A streaming platform is the backbone for your production, requiring broadcast quality video to reach audiences on any digital device.
  Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) extrapolates your live stream across the enterprise, reaching all end-users without impacting network performance.
  Attendee experience is the end result that matters to your audiences. It remains the most important part of the live stream so that every participant has a seamless experience.
Onstream Media is a recommended partner for Microsoft Teams live events. We help our customers hold seamless online events for their diverse audiences. Some of the Microsoft live stream support we offer includes:
  API implementations designed to improve end-user experience and facilitate cross-platform content
  Hosting encoders and virtual desktop servers
  Implementing Azure Stream real-time analytics to make the most of your data integrations
  Compliance management
  Configuring Intune policies for Microsoft Teams live events
  Embedding stream videos onto external apps or devices
  HD video encoding
  Integrations so that streaming videos can be shared with permissions on all Microsoft365 applications
  Low latency streaming to improve the end-user experience along with the image of your company
  Multilanguage livestreaming
  Multi-destination streaming
  OTT linear broadcasting services
  PowerShell scripting to assign policy settings for device settings for added security
  Providing additional features such as Graph integration and advanced sharing options on any digital device
  Setting up cross-platform integrations, such as SharePoint or another content management or customer service tool
  User directory integrations
  Video/metadata migration to Stream
Onstream Media supports Microsoft Teams live events in ways that help our clients with a variety of migration approaches to these events. We have more than 17 years of SharePoint hosting and support experience. Our expertise encompasses more than 1,000 SharePoint migrations. We are more than just a video conferencing solution. We help our clients make use of today’s sophisticated video conferencing tools along with creating cloud-based workflows that make these companies more efficient.
Onstream Media is a Microsoft Direct Tier 1 CSP and Gold Partner. We were pioneers in GPU-enabled streaming services and still offer our clients the highest quality technical support along with some of the best pricing packages in the industry. Today, our steaming support includes over one million end-users. We offer our clients 24/7/365 end-user support via phone, chat, and email. With more than 17-years of cloud experience, and more than 10,000 organizations served across 90+ countries, Onstream Media remains the best choice for Microsoft Teams live event support. Talk with our team to find out how we can help you improve audience engagement and build your brand with a Microsoft live stream event.