Produce Virtual Events With Ease

In a world shaped by the COVID crisis, event organizers must be prepared to provide flexibility for attendees. Virtual and hybrid events are the way forward.
Onstream Media’s EncompassPro virtual events platform is an interactive, online gathering space that can connect organizations with their target groups virtually and cost-effectively to reinforce relationships, generate business leads and grow revenue.
The EncompassPro platform offers all of the benefits of an on-site trade show, including live and recorded content, live chats, social interaction, virtual show booths and downloadable information to provide valuable business engagement. All of these can be fully branded to fit your business goals.
As organizer, leveraging EncompassPro means you’ll have access to recurring events revenue and new ways to monetize participation through sponsorships, billboard ads, content syndication, pay-per-view and special events—but without the high costs of travel, lodging or food.
Who Uses It?
Businesses of all sizes use EncompassPro virtual events to improve their visibility, strengthen their brands, generate sales leads and streamline communications.
Corporate Trainers
HR Executives
Marketing Agencies
Subject Matter Experts
Today’s virtual conference software eliminates the high costs associated with a live on-site event. This allows companies to attract a wider audience who may have found the costs of exhibiting or attending real-time trade shows and events were prohibitive. Virtual conference platforms like EncompassPro allows companies to expand their reach to a global audience. In addition, the event can be recorded and turned into a pay-to-play post event that generates even more revenue.
What Sets EncompassPro Apart from the Competition?
We know you have many choices of virtual conference software platforms to choose from these days. But EncompassPro is different. We take a video-first approach to learning and events to ensure a high-quality, reliable and secure outcome is achieved. If your goal is to pull off a seamless online conference experience in a secure, scalable environment, we can help.
EncompassPro doesn’t replace your team’s video solution of choice; it supplements it. Whether you use Zoom, WebEx, or any other video app, EncompassPro will seamlessly integrate with it, adding all the functionality you need for full event management.
Scalable, Mobile Optimized, Measurable
All of Onstream Media’s products are digitally scalable and backed by a world-class infrastructure, superior software and service. Our web-based virtual events are optimized for mobile devices, and they incorporate interactive and social features to maximize their impact. Conference participants have the ability to view both live or on-demand content, keeping them informed well after the live presentation and discussions are finished.
Unlike live conferences, powerful data analytics can track every interaction that a conference attendee participants in. You can carefully watch conference flow and make subtle changes, even during the conference, to maximize the experience. You can also take the information you capture and use it after the show to create highly personalized post-conference interactions. Our system analytics and lead-generation data ensure that the value of each initiative is measured and fully leveraged. The result is higher-value lead generation, more valuable relationship building and, ultimately, more sales.
Infrastructure, Security and Reliability
This valuable data is stored and transmitted using the strictest and most compliant security procedures. We are ISO 27001 certified, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and SSAE/SOC 2 type 1 compliant and our engineers are highly experienced and trained in handling sensitive data to ensure adherence to compliance requirements. Using EncompassPro means you can rest easier knowing your vendor and attendee information is in good hands.
Course Management
Many events are educational in scope, and virtual events are no different. Some of the benefits of Onstream Media’s EncompassPro product include:
Customized attendee paths to set and manage individual and personalized goals.
Live and prerecorded content that allows you to combine live interactive webinars with documents, audio and video files as part of the educational module.
Creating quizzes, surveys and assignments with set time limits and automatic results.
Awarding certification and badges based on quiz performance and/or course completion.
Conference participants can interact in educational sessions by participating in small group sessions or large exhibit halls. The individual sessions can be recorded and produced as on-demand content to generate event more revenue over time.
Events Management
EncompassPro offers all of the tools you’ll need for the creation, registration and promotion of both on-site and virtual events. This includes:
Professional themes and templates that make creation and updates a snap.
Preview and publish test registration pages and emails before publishing.
Create, schedule and send personalized event emails to your audience with ease.
Integration with your CRM allows these contacts to be recorded in the client record.
Easy-to-use form builder allows you to create customized registration paths with multiple outcomes for vendors and attendees.
Exhibitor “booths” accommodate both one-on-one and one-to-many meetings during an event.
Group registration allows you to register multiple individuals at once under a company header.
Adding an e-commerce feature to your online event is a great revenue generator for your brand. Our built-in e-commerce module offers many options to help customize the shopping experience for each product or service offered in your online store. For example:
Shopping Cart – Seamlessly blends with your website, instantly processes orders and automatically generates invoices.
Multiple Pricing Options – Set up one-time purchases, subscriptions or a combination of both by product.
Coupons – Apply coupons and discounts at check-out.
Payments – Accepts payment in multiple currencies.
Memberships – Sets different membership levels and then grant content specific access based on enrollment types.
Content Management
EncompassPro lets you create and distribute content at scale during and after your online event. This includes:
Audio and video hosting that allows secure, scalable and fast global viewing on any digital device.
Landing page builder allows you to create as many as you need.
Branded websites let you create a custom, mobile-ready site in minutes.
Streaming and webinars functionality allow you to fully manage webinars, web conferences and live events from a dashboard.
Reports & Analytics
Live events make it difficult if not impossible to track the activities and interests of your attendees. With a virtual conference platform like EncompassPro, all the data you need is right at your fingertips, along with powerful analytics software to help you make sense of it. For example:
Coursework – You can tract course progress by individual or group, leverage quiz performance and view activity streams.
Event Registration – Customize your analysis of peaks in registration by timeframe or any other conditional logic.
Commerce Activities – Lets you track revenue, clients, inventory and more, in real time.
Marketing Insights – This includes monitoring site traffic, email analytics and much more to help you optimize your marketing efforts to build engagement.
Video Analytics – Help you know who is viewing your content and for how long.
Webinar and Live Stream Reporting – Gives you participation data, Q&A, polling and more.
Full-Service Solution
EncompassPro is proud to offer a full-service solution that lets you produce all kinds of virtual events, from online courses to job fairs, with ease. When you work with EncompassPro, you can expect to get:
White-glove service – our team of support engineers will assist you with creating and running your event from start to finish. Have a question? Come to us.
High-quality streaming – even the best events can flop if your attendees are watching in pixelated, low-resolution videos. Our reliable platform will deliver all your broadcasts in the best quality possible, using multi-bitrate HLS streaming with RTMP, fiber, and satellite connection options.
Much more!
Learn how to put the power of EncompassPro to work for you.
We’re a video-first company; it’s in our DNA. We’ve added robust event management, LMS and community features to support the most popular streaming and collaboration platforms on the market.
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