Onstream Media Partner Programs

When technology, business, and service providers want to unite their offering with interactive rich media such as video, audio, Flash, images, PowerPoint, and, voice, and need to collaborate on documents and applications over multiple platforms instantly, they turn to Onstream Media.

By extending the value of our service, Onstream Media’s Partners provide a powerful set of services to their customer that increases productivity and significant cost savings.

The Onstream Media Digital Services Platform is specifically designed for the delivery of rich-media communications, which facilitates the integration of data, video, and voice to offer true media management and online communication services across multiple geographies and platforms. When partnering with Onstream Media, providers rely on our architecture to deliver the best, secure rich-media management experience their customers demand.

Onstream Media closely partners with leading independent software and technology platform vendors, to combine the best in reliable, scalable, and secure media management and Web conferencing solution. Our solution, consulting, marketing & referral partners provide vertical market solutions, value-added components, and critical business consulting services for optimizing sales, marketing, and support processes.

Onstream Media enhances our partners’ products and services to deliver even greater business value to our shared customers. Some of these partner solutions include:

  • Advertising and Brand Management
  • Content Portals
  • Financial and Investor Relations
  • Government Information and Archives
  • Media Distribution
  • Video Post-production and Broadcasting

By working together, Onstream Media offers our customers direct access to a range of business solutions based on the Onstream Digital Media Services Platform. Onstream Media works with our partners to assure the success of their offerings through marketing support, sales enablement, business collaboration and customer-lifecycle management in order to achieve authorization and certification.

Onstream Media Partner Programs