Sales, marketing and communications professionals across all industries are discovering MarketPlace365®, Onstream Media’s virtual marketplace technology.

...Your target audiences can connect anytime, anywhere – even via mobile devices – to gain information, insight, contacts and ideas

MarketPlace365 is an interactive, online gathering space that can connect organizations with their target groups virtually and cost-effectively to reinforce relationships, generate business leads and grow revenue. MarketPlace365 offers video streaming, live chats, social interaction, virtual show booths and downloadable information to provide valuable business engagement.

As organizer, you’ll have access to recurring revenue and new ways to monetize participation through sponsorships, billboard ads, content syndication, pay-per-view and special events.

Use MarketPlace365 for straightforward or complex events. At a basic level, you can use your marketplace to conduct a lead-generation webinar with qualified attendees – or, tap into additional features and organize a day-long e-learning summit. Operating at full throttle, you can deliver an information-rich trade show with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees – for a two-day event or as an all-year-round permanent marketplace.

Increase your revenue potential. By aggregating speakers and sponsors, you will increase your revenue potential by extending your reach while also providing greater value to participants.

Know your customer. System analytics and reports capture data on page views, information downloads and videos streamed. These records, along with registration information, can provide invaluable information about the interests and preferences of attendees and deliver highly qualified leads.

Optimized for mobile. MarketPlace365 is optimized for mobile delivery on Apple’s IOS devices, and it will soon be available for Android operating systems.

Offer your participants the opportunity to engage and interact through these "rooms:"

  • Exhibition Hall - Participants can browse exhibitors’ information, visit booths, interact with sales people, download information or watch relevant videos.
  • Auditorium - Listen to keynote speeches or attend sales seminars or product launches.
  • Learning Center - Attend multi-media e-learning sessions with subject matter experts.
  • Media Library - Download documents, images and videos relevant to the event and its sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Lounge - Gather with other attendees to connect and share ideas via chat and social media tools.

Onstream can provide additional resources to set up, organize and manage your event. These outsourced resources offer complete planning, development, promotion and management services for virtual events, including email management, webinar and webcast coordination, public relations distribution and social-network marketing.

Try MarketPlace365 for:

  • Lead Generation Webinars
  • Tradeshows
  • Virtual Shopping Malls
  • Job Fairs
  • Educational Events and Training
  • Corporate Information Centers
  • Live and On-Demand Events
  • Industry and Partner Conferences
  • New Product Launches and Introductions
  • Online Courses and Certification

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