Board of Directors

Directors & Bios

Randy S. Selman

Mr. Selman is a Co-founder and has served as our Chief Executive Officer, President, and a director and from September 1996 through June 1999 and from August 1 through December 15, 2004, as our Chief Financial Officer. From March 1985 through May 1993, Mr. Selman was Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of SK Technologies Corporation (Nasdaq: SKTC), a publicly-traded software development company. SKTC developed and marketed software for point-of-sale with complete back office functions such as inventory, sales analysis and communications. Mr. Selman founded SKTC in 1985 and was involved in their initial public offering in 1989. Mr. Selman's responsibilities included management of SKTC, public and investor relations, finance, high level sales and general overall administration.

Alan M. Saperstein

Mr. Saperstein is a Co-founder and has served as our Executive Vice President, Treasurer and a director since our inception in May 1993, and has been our Chief Operating Officer since December 2004. From March 1989 until May 1993, Mr. Saperstein was a free-lance producer of video film projects. Mr. Saperstein has provided consulting services for corporations that have set up their own sales and training video departments. From 1983 through 1989, Mr. Saperstein was the Executive Director/Entertainment Division of NFL Films where he was responsible for supervision of all projects, budgets, screenings and staffing. Learn how Alan revolutionized webcasting on Wikipedia.

Clifford Friedland

Mr. Friedland was re-appointed as a member of our Board of Directors in April 2011. His initial appointment was in December 2004 and he continued as a board member until his resignation from the board in June 2010, although he continued as Senior Vice President, Business Development. Mr. Friedland’s voluntary resignation was to restore our board to the required majority of independent members, following the death of another board member. He served as Chairman, CEO and co-founder of Acquired Onstream from June 2001 until joining our company. Mr. Friedland was Vice President of Business Development and co-founder of TelePlace, Inc., a developer and owner of Internet data centers and central offices from December 1999 to May 2001. Mr. Friedland was co-founder, Chairman and co-CEO of Long Distance International, Inc., one of the first competitive European telephone operators from May 1993 to December 1999. Mr. Friedland was President of Clifford Friedland Inc., a technology consulting firm, from January 1991 to April 1993. Mr. Friedland was a Director and co-founder of Action Pay-Per-View, a pay per view cable channel from January 1988 to December 1990. Mr. Friedland was President and co-founder of Long Distance America, one of the first competitive long distance operators after the breakup of AT&T from June 1984 to December 1987. Mr. Friedland was Vice President and co-founder of United States Satellite Systems, Inc., an FCC licensed builder and operator of geosynchronous communications satellites from April 1981 until December 1983. Mr. Friedland was Director and co-founder of United Satellite Communications, Inc., the world’s first direct-to-home satellite network from April 1981 until May 1984.