Event Day Schedule

2 hrs before: Touch-base Call

  • Brief / meet operator
    • Speaker names
    • Intro script
    • Q&A structure
    • Roles
    • Recording line
  • Review presentation and flow
  • Test all equipment – Including back-up
  • Give the speakers tips and reminders

30 min before

You should touch base with the operator to go over any final details or changes.

20 min before Speaker’s Dial-in

  • Do a final sound check
  • Final reminders to speakers
  • Respond to access questions
  • Get a number check
  • Two minute report to audience

LIVE EVENT! Good Luck!

Immediately Following Debrief

  • Have the operator pull the team into a sub-conference
  • Feedback – What worked? What didn’t?
  • Changes for next time
  • Next steps

Speakers/Support Team

At a minimum, be sure to send your speakers and support team an e-mail, thanking them the day after the event. If possible, send small gifts to show your appreciation. This will leave your team with a strong impression and help leave you in a position to ask for their help again.

Also, once the survey results are tallied, make sure everyone is on the distribution list and make sure they are notified when the archive is available. Encourage your speakers to link to the archive from their Web site.