Virtual Events

Virtual events are among the most powerful and cost-effective ways to reach your target audience and quickly drive leads into the hands of your sales force. There’s no better alternative to reinforce relationships, fill your new business pipeline, qualify prospects and accelerate your sales cycle.

...We offer end-to-end, highly customized audio-conferencing solutions that you can count on and afford

Whether you’re organizing a thought-leadership seminar, sales meeting, e-learning event, press conference or customer-training session, Onstream’s virtual event technology allows you to drive home your message through video, Q&A, polls, social-media interaction and information downloads. We even have secure payment processing to allow you to monetize your event.

Our events are easily configurable – allowing you to set them up without the help of your IT department – for transmission live or on demand.

Onstream specializes in all of the tools you need to run a successful event, including audio and video streaming, custom registration, email communications, document archives and lead scoring – to prioritize your best leads for immediate follow-up.

Connect with your audience and accelerate your sales cycle with Onstream – the virtual-event company.

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