Choosing Your Webinar Technology

Webinars are a highly powerful way to connect with audiences, identify leads, generate new revenue and increase brand awareness. As a result, you’ll want to be sure you choose the right technology solution to deliver your webinar and ensure flawless execution.

Here are some questions to consider when selecting your technology:

Type of Event

  • What type of event are you hosting? Training, lead generation, announcements, etc
  • Will you be charging for your events?

Target Audience

  • How many participants are you seeking to host?
  • Which countries will you be serving, and what language will be required?
  • Have you considered you audience type? Tech savvy, same network, government, etc

Multimedia and Interactive Tools Required

  • Will you be using videos, music or live camera feeds in your events?
  • Will you be using PowerPoint, Flash, Word, Excel, Desktop, Application, or other types of documents?
  • What types of interactive tools will be needed, such as polling or chatting?

Preferred Format

  • Do you prefer a phone conference, streamed audio, or both for your event?
  • Would you like the ability to record and archive the event?


  • Have you considered the ease of use for users and speakers? For example, Mac vs. PC, mobile accessibility, browser compatibility and the ability to download supplemental information.


  • Are you looking for available support leading up to and during the event?
  • Do you prefer full service or self-service with your technology?
  • Are you looking for event management services such as registration, pre & post event emails, etc.?


  • What type of event budget type is best? For example, per participant, flat rate, per min.


  • What security is required? Password protection, manual attendee acceptance?


  • What reporting is desired from marketing and sales teams? Registration, attendance, etc