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Onstream Media Announces Launch of MarketPlace365 Web Portal

POMPANO BEACH, FL – May 26, 2011 - Onstream Media Corporation ( OTC: ONSM), a leading online service provider of live and on-demand corporate audio and web communications, virtual event technology and social media marketing, today announced the launch of the MarketPlace365 web portal (www.MarketPlace365.com), designed to highlight existing and future online virtual tradeshows and communities ("marketplaces"), share relevant content related to virtual events and increase awareness and search engine optimization to build traffic for the marketplace exhibitors.

Onstream Media's MarketPlace365, a leading virtual tradeshow platform, offers trade show organizers, publishers and associations the opportunity to create an online tradeshow environment from a single or multi-day event to a permanent community open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Designed to mirror the traditional "bricks and mortar" tradeshow experience, the online platform features a variety of easy-to-use tools to encourage cross market advertising, education and new business development. For example, the new portal has been created to address the specific algorithms of search engines to increase web "findability" and site traffic. The portal also creates seamless integration between shows and provides visitors with catalog information.

"We are very happy to announce the creation of our new MarketPlace365 web portal," said Randy Selman, President and CEO of Onstream Media. "The portal will not only increase brand awareness of existing and future marketplaces, but also provide a vital information exchange for visitors, customers, vendors, media, industry analysts and our shareholders on our latest developments, partnerships, technology integrations and ever growing MarketPlace365 pipeline."

The web portal is the cornerstone of our built-in linking and SEO strategy of MarketPlace365. Unlike a traditional website, every aspect of the portal has been created with the goal of unsurpassed optimization and attraction of search engine spiders. By creating a page that is industry and show specific, as well as being highly searchable, search engine spiders and other web content aggregators will be fed information that is expected to be more valuable than the snippets offered by traditional websites, thereby increasing visibility and rankings. The web portal has also been designed with human viewers in mind, such as well-crafted content to keep visitors interested and to increase visit counts.

In addition, the portal features more than a simple web directory. It will include the latest content or shows added to the portal, along with an entryway to participate as an exhibitor or a show organizer. Visitors who arrive for a specific show can easily find related industries and tradeshows. The portal will also feature recently announced keynote speakers, popular videos, new breakout sessions, and online continuing education sessions.

MarketPlace365 is a comprehensive, online lead-generation and communications virtual conference and trade show platform that enables publishers, associations and tradeshow organizers to quickly, easily and affordably self-deploy and manage their own online multimedia "marketplace," while creating a compelling social-media experience for the attendee. MarketPlace365 brings communities with common interests together online for commerce and information exchange. MarketPlace365 features include: social networking, search engine optimization, advanced analytics, videos, webinars, presentations and a full suite of marketing and communications tools. For more information, visit www.MarketPlace365.com.

About Onstream Media:

Onstream Media Corporation, is a leading online service provider of live and on-demand corporate audio and web communications, virtual event technology, and social media marketing. Onstream Media's innovative Digital Media Services Platform (DMSP) provides customers with cost effective tools for encoding, managing, indexing, and publishing content via the Internet. The company's MarketPlace365T solution enables publishers, associations, tradeshow promoters and entrepreneurs to rapidly and cost effectively self deploy their own online virtual marketplaces. In addition, Onstream Media provides live and on-demand webcasting, webinars, web and audio conferencing services. To date, almost half of the Fortune 1000 companies and 78% of the Fortune 100 CEOs and CFOs have used Onstream Media's services. Select Onstream Media customers include: AAA, Dell, Disney, Georgetown University, National Press Club, PR Newswire, Shareholder.com (NASDAQ), Sony Pictures and the U.S. Government. Onstream Media's strategic relationships include Akamai, BT Conferencing, Qwest and Trade Show News Network (TSNN). For more information, visit Onstream Media at www.onstreammedia.com or call 954-917-6655.

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