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Onstream Media Signs a MarketPlace365T Promoter Agreement with The Human Capital Institute

POMPANO BEACH, FL, August 23, 2010 - Onstream Media Corporation ( OTC: ONSM), a leading online service provider of live and on-demand Internet broadcasting, corporate web communications and virtual marketplace technology, today announced that The Human Capital Institute (HCI) has signed a MarketPlace365T promoter agreement to develop a comprehensive marketplace covering five communities of interest in the human resource industry. HCI also plans to leverage MarketPlace365 to complement its six major physical conferences and many other events the company supports worldwide.

HCI is a strategic talent management network, consisting of over 175,000 members worldwide, and is growing at over 2,000 members per month. HCI's content library includes an ever-increasing repository of well over 100,000 media assets, including thousands of webcasts, hundreds of blogs, major research reports, white papers, case studies, podcasts and more.

The new HCI marketplace will consist of their five established communities of interest, existing conferences and events, all interlinked in a campus-style online environment. HCI's Marketplace365 will include:

The Talent Strategy community for strategic HR and business decision makers who are responsible for integrating effective talent management practices across the enterprise. Its learning tracks offer a comprehensive view of foundational strategies that span the talent lifecycle, including global organization, workforce planning, human capital analytics and talent management technologies.

The Talent Acquisition community for corporate recruitment leaders, executive search, staffing and RPO practitioners who are moving beyond tactical recruiting to provide strategic talent expertise in partnership with the line. Learning tracks include employment branding, employee referral, social and alumni networks, executive and college sourcing, selection and hiring.

The Talent Development community for organizational development and corporate education leaders who are transforming industrial era management practices to new economy leadership. Learning tracks include on-boarding, high potential leadership, coaching and mentorship, rewards and incentives, performance management and learning technologies.

The Talent Leadership community for human capital and line executives in every function, who are responsible for driving innovation, high performance, competitive advantage and financial results in the global knowledge economy. Learning tracks include leadership communications, strategic alignment, innovation, change management, retention and succession.

The Talent Technology community will focus on innovative technology, software, and applications to enable human resources managers and executives to streamline operations and efficiencies across the enterprise.

HCI's six annual conferences include:

The Learning and Development Conference: Enables strategic learning and organization development teams to share their strategies, detail implementations that work, and discuss how they successfully combined the use of technology with disciplined business processes and practices to create high-impact results.

The Government Talent Management Summit: Provides government and military thought leaders in strategic HR, talent acquisition and OD/learning stategies on workforce planning, recruitment, onboarding and engagement, learning and development, performance management, succession planning and retention.

The Engagement and Retention Conference: Offers new, innovative and effective engagement strategies to empower the members of the workforce, helping them re-engage on their own terms, customizing conventional wisdom to fit unique situations, and leveraging technology.

The Human Capital Summit: Provides enterprise HR managers with talent management solutions and stategies for talent acquisition, training, workforce planning, recruitment learning and development, performance management, succession planning and retention.

The Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference: Designed for recruitment leaders, offers brand-new research, great case studies, and an opportunity to network with the most accomplished recruitment and talent acquisition leaders, from the most progressive, market-leading companies in the world.

The Workforce Planning and Analytics Conference: Designed to deliver value throughout the organization by harmonizing corporate strategy, discrete business planning activities and human capital with careful attention being paid to the alignment of talent with future business goals.

"Onstream Media's MarketPlace365 solution fits perfectly into our vision of the twenty-first century, 'always open' conference by combining search engine optimization, social media networking, content marketing, videos, instant messaging and monetization strategies into an integrated platform that enables HCI to extend the value of its knowledge base, while at the same time, enabling our members to share best practices and additional points-of-view from academia, government and industry in new and exciting ways," said Mike Foster, President of Human Capital Institute.

"We're pleased to be working with HCI, a clear leader in the growing human capital management field, to help expand their conferences online and further leverage their established web-based communities for more interaction, learning, commerce and knowledge sharing," said Randy Selman, President & CEO of Onstream Media. "HCI is revolutionizing traditional HR practices. They're an extremely innovative association that's approaching 200,000 members worldwide with over one hundred thousand rich media assets, which presents a tremendous opportunity for Onstream Media to extend its products and services to a massive group of senior executives, government officials and top influencers."

"The most competitive player in the century ahead will not be just continually improving business processes and leveraging new emerging media channels, but more importantly, empowering the individual and collective talent needed to drive tomorrow's hyper-connected digital economy. And, MarketPlace365 will enable us to do just that for our valued members," added Foster.

About The Human Capital Institute:

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) is a catalyst for innovative new thinking in talent acquisition, development, deployment and new economy leadership. Through research and collaboration, our global network of more than 175,000 members develops and promotes creativity, best and next practices, and actionable solutions in strategic talent management. Executives, practitioners, and thought leaders representing organizations of all sizes, across public, charitable and government sectors, utilize HCI communities, education, events and research to foster talent advantages to ensure organizational change for competitive results. In tandem with these initiatives, HCI's Human Capital Strategist professional certifications and designations set the bar for expertise in talent strategy, acquisition, development and measurement. For more information, please visit www.hci.org.

About Onstream Media:

Onstream Media Corporation ( OTC: ONSM) is a leading online service provider of live and on-demand Internet broadcasting, corporate web communications and virtual marketplace technology. Onstream Media's innovative Digital Media Services Platform (DMSP) provides customers with cost effective tools for encoding, managing, indexing, and publishing content via the Internet. The company's MarketPlace365T solution enables publishers, associations, trade show promoters and entrepreneurs to rapidly and cost effectively self-deploy their own profitable, online virtual marketplaces. In addition, Onstream Media provides live and on-demand webcasting, webinars, web and audio conferencing services. To date, almost half of the Fortune 1000 companies and 78% of the Fortune 100 CEOs and CFOs have used Onstream Media's services. Select Onstream Media customers include: AAA, Dell, Disney, Georgetown University, National Press Club, PR Newswire, Shareholder.com (NASDAQ), Sony Pictures and the U.S. Government. Onstream Media's strategic relationships include Akamai, Adobe, BT Conferencing, Qwest and Trade Show News Network (TSNN). For more information, visit Onstream Media at www.onstreammedia.com or call 954-917-6655.

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